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    • Diversity & Inclusion: our complete action plan

      Today, June 22nd, 2021, we publish our Action Plan for Accelerating Diversity & Inclusion at FARM. This plan was built from active collective listening carried out in 14 meetings, with more than 800 employees.

      Working as a team, we created a long-term action plan with five major commitments and goals to accelerate our social responsibility, effectively transforming our organizational structure. 

      We’ve elected as our priority focus in this plan: self-declared Black people (Black and Brown) + Indigenous people considering that they can also be LGBTQIA+ people. When we expanded the goal to other underrepresented groups, we included PWDs and LGBTQIA+ people regardless of their ethnic-racial self-declaration. It’s noteworthy that women are the majority at FARM hierarchical structure and will be considered as an underrepresented group where representation still needs to be improved.

      Below, you can read more about our 5 commitments, their respective goals and deadlines:

      • Transform FARM’s culture through Diversity & Inclusion, placing these priorities at the center of our decisions;
      • Reformulate the Gente & Gestão (Human Resource department), expanding diversity actions;
      • Include and accelerate the career of Black and Indigenous people, respecting the intersectionality with other underrepresented groups, at all levels and areas of the company;
      • Expand and deepen literacy on Diversity & Inclusion;
      • Invest actively in social responsibility actions in Rio de Janeiro.

      Short-term actions:

      • Include at least one goal per quarter related to Diversity & Inclusion for all departments, ensuring transparency of the goals’ progress as of Jul/21.
      • Include diversity in the 2022 brand strategic plan, which will take place in Sep/21.
      • Hire a Black or Indigenous person as Head of Communication by Dec/21.
      • Develop and communicate a zero-tolerance policy for racism in stores and offices by Dec/21.


      Short-term actions:

      • Hire a Black woman as head of the department by Dec/21.
      • Fill 4 diversity area positions with current employees by Dec/21.

      Mid-term actions:

      • Design and implement a new structure for the Gente & Gestão HR department, focusing on matters such as career and succession, recruitment, employee support, professional development, internal communication, benefits, remuneration, and diversity between Jul/21 and Dec/22.

      Short-term actions:

      • Prioritize the internal recruitment, starting with the sales department and moving on to the office and operational areas as of Jul/21.

      Mid-term actions:

      • Launch the 2022 trainee program with priority for Black and Indigenous people to fill 10 positions in different areas.
      • Relaunch the Apprenticeship Program, including a development and mentoring plan, by 2022.
      • Create an internal talent database for recruitment and selection with an understanding of race and ethnicity, gender, PWDs and LGBTQIA+ people by Dec/23.
      • Plan and execute mentoring for accelerating Black people within FARM by Dec/23.

      Long-term actions:

      • Having at least 20% of the FARM leadership formed by Black and Indigenous people, and 10% of people from underrepresented groups by Dec/26.
      • Having, in our workforce, at least 30% of Black and Indigenous employees by Dec/26.
      • Having at least 30% of the HR department formed by Black and Indigenous people, and 20% of people from underrepresented groups by Dec/26.

      Short-term actions:

      • Having DI&I literacy as an essential step in the onboarding program for new employees as of Jul/21.
      • Create exclusive annual literacy programs (advanced level) for FARM leadership ensuring 100% adherence throughout the program by Sep/21.
      • Reformulate the calendar and format of our literacy actions, in partnership with the Diversity Committee and Affinity Groups, by Dec/21.
      • Engage and encourage 100% of employees in the conclusion of the basic literacy cycle by Dec/21.

      Immediate actions:

      • Create the Social Impact Plan by Sep/21, initiating effective actions in Oct/21.
      • Double the 2021 Sustainability budget, allocating 50% of it to concrete social actions in Rio de Janeiro by Dec/21.